1970 Plymouth Model Year


6/23/69: Rear deck panel molding treatment added to Elastomeric Bumper Group [A22]; N/A w/Exterior Trim Group. 340 engine is available w/Trailer Tow Package. Sport Stripe [hockey stick] is optional on' Cuda models. Front bumper guards [M81] N/A on 'Cuda models. Rally Road Wheels [W21] are available in 14 and 15'' sizes. Styled Road Wheels [W23] are 14'' only. Shaker Fresh Air Package [N96] requires variable-speed wipers [J25] with the 440-6v and is available on 'Cuda models only.

7/29/69:  Exterior Trim Group [A46] not available for production until further notice. Vinyl Bench Seat [H4] not available on convertibles. Green Vinyl Roof [V1F] not available w/Lime Light [FJ5] or Lemon Twist [FY1] paints. Gator Grain Vinyl Roof [V1G] is not available with In-Violet [CF7], Rallye Red [FE5], LimeLight [FJ5] or Lemon Twist [FY1]. The Standard axle ratio for the 225-c.i. Engine, with automatic transmission and without Sure-Grip differential is 2.76 [D51]; 3.23 [D53] is optional. Performance Axle Package [A36] is available with air conditioning on 340, 383 and 440-4v engines. Variable Speed Wipers [J25] are std. with 440-6v and 426 engines. All wheel covers are 14-in. only. Fresh Air Shaker Hood [N96] is available with 340 engine and includes Variable Speed Wipers [J25].

9/19/69: Leather Bucket Seats are now available on all Barracuda and 'Cuda models as option. Remain std. on Gran Coupe. Eight new trim codes added to Barracuda line. White & Blue, White & Green, and White & Red in various applications.

11/25/69: Thirteen additional body-color-racing mirrors will be available by 12/15/69. Performance Hood [J54] is now available for Barracuda and Gran Coupe models. Hood Pins [J45] are required with the Performance Hood until further notice.

12/15/69New Spoiler Package [A45] will be available effective with 1/5/70 production. This package contains chin whiskers and the aerodynamic rear spoiler. Codes M91, E24, E44, and E61 are not available with Spoiler Package. Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler [J81] will be a single-coded option when front spoilers are not desired. Fresh Air Shaker Hood [N96] will not be available with 340 engine until further notice. Backlite Louver Package [A67] is not to be sold on all cars registered in state of Pennsylvania. Front & Rear Elastomeric Bumper Group [A22] has been expanded to include eight additional colors effective 1/5/70 production.

1/15/70H4 Trim codes are extra-cost trims for the Barracuda and 'Cuda models.

1/28/70Effective with early February production, two new High impact paints, Sassy Grass Green [FJ6] and Moulin Rouge [FM3], will become available. Wide body-side tape stripes will be available. Interior trims are limited to Black [X9] White & Black [XW] and Black Frost [A8]. Vinyl roofs and convertible tops are limited to White [V1W] and Black [V1X]. Tu-Tone paint treatments are limited to Black and White roofs only. Body-colored mirrors will be available. Four new wide body-side tape stripes are available except when Body-Side Moldings or the Hockey Sport Stripe is ordered. Colors are Lime Daylite Fluorescent [V4], only available with Sassy Grass Green; Pink Daylite Fluorescent [V4M], only available with Moulin Rouge paint; Black [V4X] and White [V4W], available with all exterior paints.

2/25/70:  The new wide body-side tape stripes and the new body-color mirrors will be available for production approximately 3/9/70.

3/4/70:  AAR "Cuda introduced at a base price of $3,966. Options are restricted to' Cuda Paint/ Trim Selections, Elastomeric Bumper Groups [A21, A22], Backlite Louver Group [A67], Dual Body Color Racing Mirrors [G36], Wheel Lip Moldings [M26], Front Spoilers [J78], Power Steering, Fast Ratio [S74], Automatic Trans. [D34], Vinyl Roof, Black [V1X], 3.91 Axle [D57] and any radio option.

4/3/70: Cloth and Vinyl Bucket Seats [P5X9] are now available for 'Cuda and Barracuda models. Hockey Sport Stripe [V6X] will be available on Barracuda and Gran Coupe models approximately 5/1/70. Not available w/Body-Side Moldings. Road Lights [L34] will be available on Barracuda and Gran Coupe models starting approximately 5/1/70 production.


1971 Plymouth Model Year


7/15/70H4 Trim codes are not available with manual transmission. E24 225-c.i. Engine not available w/Gran Coupe. Code D21, 4-speed Trans., not available w/198-c.i. Engine. Cancel tire codes T63, T64 & T25; add tire code T21, black wall 7.35x14", and code T22, white wall 7.35x14". Code T21 is std. w/198,225 & 318 engines on BH21, BH23, BH27 & BP23; code T22 is optional with these combinations. Code A45, Aerodynamic Spoiler Package, not available with 198-c.i. Engine. Code M81, Front Bumper Guards, canceled. Code W23, Cast Aluminum Road Wheels 15", canceled. Road Wheels W21 & W23 are in sets of 4 wheels. The spare is a std. wheel. Bahama Yellow, code EL5, is a high-impact color and an extra-cost paint.

8/20/70Code D21, 4-speed transmission, is not available with 198, 225, 318 or 383-2v engines. Axle codes D56 [3.55 ratio] and D57 [3.91 ratio] are not available except with axle packages A31 and A36. Code A36 Performance Axle Package is not available w/E55 engine and 4-speed trans. Code J81, Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler, is available on all Barracudas, but not when combined with code M91 [luggage rack] or coded with 198, 225, 318 or 383-2v engines.

8/20/70When a Cuda is order with one of the following paint codes the grill will be body color. [EB5], [FC7], [FE5], [GF7], [FJ6], [GK6], [EV2], [GW3], and [GY3].

8/21/70:  Lemon Twist, code FY1, returns available. Black and White vinyl roofs and convertible tops are the only color available with Lemon Twist.

9/28/70Code S15, Extra Heavy Duty Suspension, is canceled. Code S13, Heavy Duty Suspension is standard with 440 and 426.

11/9/70Code GB7, Evening Blue, metallic is canceled due to addition of Lemon Twist. [Just 48 Cuda hardtops were GB7]

3/5/71Black wheels will be installed on all cars built with hubcaps instead of being painted body color.

3/16/71: Air Conditioning is now available only with automatic trans. Code A67, Backlight Louver Package, is canceled. [248 cars so equipped.]

3/26/71Dual Racing Mirrors, code G36, will not be available with Autumn Bronze metallic code GK6.

4/1/71On 340 4V engines, the Dual Breaker Distributor is only available with 4-speed trans.

5/14/71Effective 5/17/71 all 340 4V barracudas ordered with manual transmission will be built with Electronic Ignition System, code N23.